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Astralis song
I don't want to be mean but..... cringe
I'm not a fan of Nuke at all whatsoever. After Mirage is taken out of the pool to be redone and returns, Nuke should be removed entirely imo. Even Vertigo is better than Nuke.
The day of the pillow.
HOW HAPPY are u with ur social life?
I see people and know people casually when I go to Church or go to do any of my hobbies, but I wish I had a just a few close friends. Also, having a gf would be neat. All in all, I'd rank my social li...
Clean up room?
Yikes, that looks pretty messy. It's mostly just trash though so really it should be easy enough to clean.
america come here
I just googled it, and you're wrong. Using Fahrenheit is better. America wins again!
California has nice weather and a lot of fun attractions. However, there's a high homeless population, high income inequality, a lot of traffic, and a lot of Californians either speak only English or ...
[18+] Fap Problem
I think I recall reading that men in a night would typically get mutiple erections in a night of sleep. It's normal and we just sleep through them as if they're not happening so maybe you're just a li...
how to lose weight?
Adopt a doggo from rescue for cheap, treat him nice, take him for walks, and play with him. He'll be a a happy boy and you'll lose weight exercising with your best buddy!
Do you enjoy clubbing?
Clubbing baby seals is my dream job. Right now. it's only hobby
Ban reasons
"Flag checks out" Lol at least my country faked the moon landing. Your country's only claim to fame is rekting a third world country 7-1.
Ban reasons
Close to landing on Mars? Pfft HAHAHAHA outer space = not even real.
Damn Daniel
Is this a thread for dead memes? In that case, DICKS OUT FOR HARAMBE!
Suicidal/Depressed (Virus)
Apparently, 3.7 billion people have it which is like over half the world and it's so inconsequential that they don't even know they have it. Also most people don't have the symptoms, and the worst of ...