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fat = skill
he is baiter thats like same ...
s1mple should make his own team after navi contract.
If he leaves i bet navi will be top2 , just bring mou and adren maybe ...
s1mple joins FaZe - Report
he will ruin FaZe for sure , they r not best right now but he will make them top15
XANTARES traitor
great AGAIN ? kek
Fnatic era should be disputed , because of flusha cheating... btw ( For delusional fanboys ,if he is not caught thats not mean thats he did not used cheat ).
s1mple #1
there is atleast 5 players better than him right now
best player ever in csgo
best player ever in csgo
so by your logic there must be players who dominating 6-7 yrs in row ? To be best players ? There is not such a players mate sorry. i would say 1.cold/olofm 2.olofm/cold 3.krimz 4.fallen 5.jw
best player ever in csgo
2 majors , 2 major mvp, two years numero 1 on hltv rankings , delivery in important games always (im not talking about this year , he is out of form 2018 , maybe lack of motivation coz roster changes ...
best player ever in csgo
win 2 tier 3 tournaments in 23 yrs. nice
best player ever in csgo
s1mple , niko ,flusha(ex cheater) and device infront of coldzera ? hahaha
best player ever in csgo
sure while cheating...
hahaha typical excuses for nolifer gg
u dont have time for sports but siting home infront of pc and asking on hltv forum what game to play GG...hahaha
u r nerd , u r bored in 2018 ? go out , get girl , do some sport , drink beer , laughting with friends wtf..... and when u get home every game will be fun...