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Moving deagle wtf?
no movement buff for deagle, you just got deleted,
Inconsistent with awp
try to play aim bot to adjust your muscle memory before and after the game
Inconsistent with awp
changing ur sensitivity a lot ruin your muscle memory man
Coolest Jerseys
Furia jersey, they look clean
0/8 do better baiting idiot.
jame using agent skin
valve and many event allowed the used of character skin. it's just gentleman agreement between all player. i mean using agent will be more easier for the enemy to know who's playing where.
forgot to change flag, 0/8
cs update settings?
idk man, my res and fps doesn't change after the update.
dev1ce 4 time major mvp
kjaerbye carry on finals
Banned coaches tomorrow ?
it's really exited to see, who's people abusing coach bug for really long time.
HERCEGNOVI or well known as the best of the best FPL player team with their smartest IGL in the wrlod, Nikola 'Lobanjuca' Mijomanović. the best riffler kosovo have Flatron 'Flatroo' Halimi , Dionis '...
Valve needs to do a move and QUICK
SoStronk and CSGO2Asia hub doesn't have many pro player in the league and if there's, they mostly not playing it. well there's many chinese speakers in 5EWIn but there's also many from other country, ...
Lets talk DPI
400dpi 2,0 sens 1000 polling rate i think between 1,7 - 2,0 sens is the best sens for FPS. not too slow or fast.
Donating blood
damn dude, you're legend! thank you for your contribution, and keep it up man.
Valve needs to do a move and QUICK
in Asia there's no FPL or Rank S to improve pro player, finding new talent, or pro player play against each other. now since 5ewin launch, it a lot more easier. If we talk about number of viewers on s...