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Average IQ by Country
yeah but whoever trusts internet IQ tests is an idiot anyway :D
Team Toxic vs Team Squeaky
Im a G2 fan but Twistzz is wayyy better than Jackz
Average IQ by Country
which doesnt mean that your IQ is higher than 80. jk :P
Average IQ by Country
I'd like to know how this is done, cause I personally don't know a single person who has ever done an official IQ test in his life.
Average IQ by Country
A REAL IQ test does not only consist of logic puzzles though.
Astralis vs Vitality
you mean 2-1? :P (Posted after match 1)9 god I'm enjoying this game sooo much so far
Astralis can FINALLY be countered Faze sucks ass right now ENCE = Gambit
liquid is the only one of those 4 to have a shot at the trophy
Cold fail?
astralis wont ban dust cause mibr is good on it, its also a good map for astralis and mibr is probably gonna pick it today
i used my moms credit card to buy my first copy of minecraft
I guess your steam profile level
nope, 1 hahaha edit: oh its 4, didnt even know
I guess your steam profile level
Rank in CS: Global Hours in CS: 6K Favorite player: Coldzera Favorite team: MIBR Number of friends on Steam: about 40
CS:GO 2018 Poll
~ Top 15 only Best and Worst player of 2018: s1mple - ex6stenz Best and Worst team of 2018: Astralis - G2 Best and Worst caster of 2018: Anders (always <3) - Launders Best and Worst change Valve made...
Best Team in the World?
whats the point, we all know astralis is the best, and HLTV has a ranking, this is hardly about peoples opinions ^