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Top CS:GO Teams Hashtags
Yeah, I did; I don't take them anymore because I had to move to a district where Latin isn't offered
Top CS:GO Teams Hashtags
I translate it as "through hardships to the stars" - aspera in plural and per usually translates to "through"
I literally don't understand...
Top CS:GO Teams Hashtags
To the stars definitely sounds nice I believe it is based off of the Latin phrase of "ad astra" from these sayings: Ad astra per aspera Non est ad astra mollies e terris via Sic itur ad astra
GOAT awpers
1. kennyS - the AWP nerf happened solely because of kennyS
Astralis lost to heroic on purpose.
G2 is in great form rn
Titan vs Contact Light
Titan? As in 2014 Titan? With kennyS?
I'm pretty sure kennyS knows Danish
Why not? They need an AWPer
Astralis is more likely
Nexa has to go
List of G2 strats: 1: Let's wait out time until we lose 2: Let's send 1 man out to long so we play 4 vs 5 3: Let's do a B rush but wait to cross so rotations arrive 4: Let's to a mid to B but leave fl...
The rounds still seem quite close... they just need to work on moderating their aggression and not being caught off-guard
G2 Awper?
I disagree with that statement - it is still very well possible to be an aggressive AWPer; it only requires a high degree of mechanical skill, which we already know for a fact that kennyS has.
G2 Awper?
He was hitting shots before the team forced him into a playstyle that he wasn't used to. The point of contention is the order in which the events occurred - did kennyS start to lose his form first, or...