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Magisk ACE vs FAZE edit
For example,I liked "Video: rain vs. B.O.O.T-d[S]" from MAKUU,I think It was almost perfect,Music was a bit loud tho and he could've maybe(not sure) turn on casters or turn them at one point maybe not...
Magisk ACE vs FAZE edit
Too short,music doesn't fit and as one guy said up,you can varely see the guys from the last 3 kills.It's not only about the music as the music,It's about it that It was loud as well.Maybe If we heard...
Niko is wasted in faze
Lol,Na Vi is even more playing for S1mple than Faze/Mouz ever had for NiKo.Adn the only reason why NiKo took an IGL role was because FaZe sucked back then with karrigan as much as they do now.Maybe a ...
Niko is wasted in faze
You are right,they should've signed you! And you still didn't gave the answer on my question?Is It because of that one clip when he was yelling on ChrisJ?
Niko is wasted in faze
And how do you know his attitude? Hmmmm,let me guess. It's the clip when he was yelling at the ChrisJ,is it? Let's just ignore that we don;t know why was he yelling at him,let's just ignore that Mouz ...
Niko is wasted in faze
Of course It's NiKo the one that destroyed FaZe. Just don't mind that rain looks like someone else compared what he used to be. Just don't mind that karrigan is a deadweight for years already. just d...
I got brown eyes AMA
I guess we should all be gays/transgenders/lesbians soo we can post AMAs and not get judged.Knew It that I am doing it wrong my whole life...
Im skinny
How skinny?
your weight and height
55-58kg 180-81cm
Bug = Cheat
I would call the first one hack, Any kind of abusing game mechanics or giving yourself any kind of unfair advantage over your opponet is cheating.
Describe a country in 3 word
What means chavs? I think Brexit fits better. Or maybe yellow teeths?
Reply needs to have actual content?
You don't realize the amount of Sarcasm in this thread or you are just stupid?Why you have to be serious gosh....and It has to be a freaking Ast. fan to close it out....
Who hurt u
What do you think when you say that they used to hit you?
Who hurt u
This is the most serious thing that I've found in this thread.Are they alive?How are you?How did it happen?Tell us a little about this...