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Top 5 fav pros
Suprised that you are fan of NiKo considering that you are from Brazil.Why are you fan of him?
To men 6 foot or taller
There is no way for me to find a girl that weights 38-40kgs...
1v5 at 15-14
Yes,yes He won 19:17.You can see it from a comment above your one.
1v5 at 15-14
Imbecil,we should move on,people like this never learn...
1v5 at 15-14
And you didn't even answer the question at all.You are just riding on my dick whole this conversation.I suggest you to do something usseful in your life instead of shitposting on HLTV,It would be bett...
1v5 at 15-14
I was trying to help you while guy even said by himself that he won that one. yeah,sure,you helped me a lot. And why are you even offended when nobody aksed you anything at all.Why would I waste 2 sec...
1v5 at 15-14
i can not look at the description If I just opened the clip from a HLTV.How could I know that there is going to be in the description that he actually won that game.I think you should get a life...
1v5 at 15-14
Before you start to act like a bastard,did you think that I maybe didn't open a clip in a new tab?
1v5 at 15-14
Pls say me that you won in that overtime? :(
Are Japanese good at math?
You just fixed the comment from a guy above you...
r8 urself
face: 5/8 body: 4/8 personality: 6/8
Name me 10 better awpers.
TOP 30 Players Of CS:GO
Soo you don't know why I used "?
TOP 30 Players Of CS:GO
Do you actually know why I use "?
TOP 30 Players Of CS:GO
" aside he still isn't the best player of all time." Why would you say me this If I never said that he is a best player of all time?