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Ez for the best team that ever touched CS, MiBR! GO TO THE LITTLE CORNER AND CRY LITTLE BABY, WE ARE BACK.
Go to the little corner and cry, its getting ugly cause you're doing in front of all these peapole.
de_aztec ???
yoyoyo it seems like you never played 1.6 on Aztec, even tho it was one sided, it's a hell of a map, ME LIKE IT
de_aztec ???
That's litterally what i just said bro! hehe
de_aztec ???
Vertigo its not one sided.. Its a raw skill map, if you got the aim, you win.
de_aztec ???
The pros doesn't like the map. It was not "competitive" at all, they have to make some BIG changes to get the T side more "equal" to CT.
Mr. toledo>ALL
- MiBR - I'm Back -
I can't understand your shitty english, sorry dude.
Your sensitivity?
750 dpi 1.1 in game
- MiBR - I'm Back -
I do like bananas. And, that's racist = you noob and no place in the world, sorry ma dude, 'll have to tell Mr. Toledo and he'll kick you from this world.
- MiBR - I'm Back -
SO, you do agree that MiBR returned, no reason to be mad at this topics, we are just expression ourselvs dude, do you want to in dictador mode in here??? thats not how things work my dude, i CAN and ...
- MiBR - I'm Back -
- MiBR - I'm Back -
Not cool dude, i just ask it meiinnn
- MiBR - I'm Back -
* Plot twist * Imagine being you imagine being me, thats sad dude!
- MiBR - I'm Back -
Again a hatter coming here to cry about MiBR's return... I'll tell this to Mr. Toledo and he'll kick you from HLTV forums... byebye Mind44 Ow, and yes, you can go and cry now..