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Are you a rat?
I am not smooya WTF
Own server for turks + russians
"US Americans"
I do know it, and you managed to completely miss the point again.
"US Americans"
That's a shitty analogy. You're comparing using different terminology to learning an entirely different measurement system. You're just being a contrarion for the sake of it at this point.
WTF germans worst users
Typical European forgetting that there was an entire other half of the war in the Pacific.
Hawaii men))
"US Americans"
Sure they can, but it's better if they don't since it just gets confusing as fuck. It's much better if they do it our way while speaking english, and we do it their way while speaking spanish or portu...
Atheists hate God
Santa Claus is self-evident, you know that he exists
"US Americans"
It has nothing to do with egocentrism and everything to do with the fact that it would be confusing as fuck if "American" referred to everyone from North and South America, as well as people from the ...
U.S Americans come here
At my highschool there was virtually none, can't say for any other schools though.
Smartest Nationality In HLTV
I'm not saying it's this way IRL, but on hltv Europeans are definitely more racist than Americans.
Atheists hate God
Science also doesn't prove there's no Santa Claus, can you prove he doesn't exist?
Atheists hate God
The hilarious part is I already knew what the flag was going to be before I even clicked on this thread
hunden is winning lan in 2019
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