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18+ minecraft mods?
none of them
18+ minecraft mods?
guys we probably are presencing the best bait of all time in hltv or just some cool kid looking for minecraft mods
csgo boring now
only if u are a phenomenal talent, except this, go study.
why is liquid so good against mibr
toxic brazilians
hey guys, why so quiet, lets go, where's the NA kids now?
toxic brazilians
hahaha fallen clutches against liquid, more easy than sigularity, fucking liquid bots
toxic brazilians
go watch fallen clutches motherfucker, LMAO
cute porn models??
germans: a everyone: fucking nazis, shit nation, tried to dominate the world killing everyone different from your race and to do this, u elected a idiot leader with a phenomenal ego that only causes d...
Fuck school
how is your freedom in your school? you can't study for your exam in the class? here in public schools - speaking generally - most of time we dont do nothing. At the pre-holidays the professor simply...
toxic brazilians
go to league of legends, you chinese guys dominate the scene over there. In cs asian are just a joke.
toxic brazilians
its funny, because another guy with a 0 cs scene relevance country come here to say something about us, lmao.
toxic brazilians
omg what a unexpected comment, you guys almost didnt say this here...
toxic brazilians
he just cited and compared the two teams with mibr and i make a counterpoint. get out of here my communist friend ditactor , LOL
toxic brazilians
imagine make a comment in a thread about a match that you even didn't watch