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[F1] Should Lance Stroll go to Force India...
mclaren doesnt need perez they are still brooding stoffel to be the #1 driver after alonso leaves. perez had done for the team too much already(sponsors, standing up for them, etc) I dont think he wou...
France (Frafrica) has more black people than Brazil
0/8 mr ordum e progresso
[F1] Should Lance Stroll go to Force India...
but seriously I think he will anyway(join fi) and he will replace ocon because imo perez brings in a lot of money and carried the team(with money)
[F1] Should Lance Stroll go to Force India...
he will replace Vijay Mallya as team owner /close
0/8 vegeta
Dealing with Nerves in CS
I think if you have 1000 hours and still suck at the game better to quit it(if your thinking of going pro). This might be discouraging but I had 2500 hours in cs1.6 and still sucked no matter how ha...
F1 Esport
like the whole tournament or just for one track? for sure they get bigger and they get friggin sponsored by huge companies they get good salary. really good for them
F1 Esport
yea still relatively new although the sim racing community has been around for quite some time but not so mainstream and focused on the competition and lap times
F1 Esport
I think I heard about this. Prety good move from him, are the drivers spanish as well?
F1 Esport
me too, nice career path for the 'playstation drivers'. The thing about the games it's like fifa they produce one game a year(according to the year) but the game itself feels very arcadish compared t...
F1 Esport
im wondering how much money these guys get paid considering their sponsorship I dont think the game(codemaste...
Tainted Minds vs Legacy
Greeks = Arabs
Africans=Everyone /close
your level of english?
I can read hltv forums
What is plutos moon called?
I thought it belonged to another planet as a moon?