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Best Twitch chat quote
Spam this noodle to help skadoodle edit: lol old thread. hmm what else what else ah I got one I think spam this <toxic emote idk what that is> to help w0xic
Opinions about F1 2018 season
ez4LH#445timeworldchampion What you mean by FIA support merc tho Obv any team will team order when they lose the chance to be champion
FaZe vs ENCE
History of Forsaken Cheat
idk dude
Religion Logic
cry is free waaaaaa
Religion Logic
Btw you europeans can stick with a stick down your asses if you think we needed you. You started colonizing the world by massacring people and call that modernism and now crying about immigrants lmao...
Religion Logic
Eurocentrism at its peak ladies and gentlemen.
History of Forsaken Cheat
Sad part is the rest of India scene will suffer from this.
drowning cats?
maybe you can ask them if they want to take custody or they know someone that might? usually pet store love animals
SEA players
your wrong. It's: Type in chat go A but go B and vice versa ;)
drowning cats?
Why the first thing you think about is drowning them lol. Don't you have a pet store or something?
conserving virginity until marriage
+1 very rare these days. Which religion are you from?
peace in islam
Again you are missing the point, there is no point for him to 'make use of political skills', the French killed his people and took everything away from him so he had every right to kill them. Please...
peace in islam
In regards to whether he was a hypocrite or not can be discussed later but I want to know if what he did was correct or not ie protecting Christians(which had a french consulate in them) instead of fi...
peace in islam
lmao idk who that is