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Faceit Multiacc
nt cheater
Game on phone
nice to meet u mobile gamer *wash hands*
zywoo unlucky?
you can clearly see him moving before shooting
how to quit csgo
WoW in 2019 LUL
my girlfriend left me
Good for u,more time for cs
4:3 question
i know but u didnt understand my question changing from 16:9 to 4:3 your X and Y isnt the same obviously in default mode,and by changing m_yaw only, leaving m_pitch how it is,X and Y became the same i...
Nade binds
4 flash T molotov mouse 4 smoke 6 grenade
4:3 question
i never messed with m_pitch i thought only if u change your m_yaw that means your horizontal sens is same as your vertical? assuming you dont mess with m_pitch just change m_yaw to 0.0165
so many Lil's in the world LUL
Tricked vs Red Reserve
time to watch edshot machine
is hulk real?
yes there is Hulk in Iran
4:3 question
muscle memory' sorry
4:3 question
it does change....the reasons why i changed it was because i couldnt shoot down example someone is sitting in sandbags cache mid and im on the roof i would always take ages to drag my mouse down on st...
4:3 question
if u go streched u have to change your m_yaw from 0.022 to 0.0165 or the other way around i forgot,because once u change to streched your Y sens isnt the same as your X sens,and this setting makes it ...
faceit premium
i wish they make some leagues or something just for solo queue...i bought faceit cuz i didnt want to get into premades or play vs premades in MM,and then in faceit theres a premade every single time,o...