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fuck you
>picking CIS teams for 0-3 in 2018
Hltv biased?
"Astralis is actually bad" is the best hot take I've heard well done sir
HLTV for Counter-Strike
it doesn't determine participants at the major
HLTV for Counter-Strike
You're using NRG as evidence that the HLTV ranking is flawed? lmao They've beaten FaZe and Liquid and have two top 4 finishes
B03 or B05 MAJOR grand finals?
Double elim, final is Bo5 with one map advantage to upper bracket
esport tiers
rocket league and overwatch up one half tier, fighting games down one half tier
device s1mple gla1ve NiKo Magisk
d. trump
That caps lock use is straight outta twitch chat lmao we're all gonna die
Africa won world cup ?
You can be French and African, nationality =/= ethnicity and to say it is is classic nationalism They are African, but they are as French as I am American
mibr 0 majors
Smallest scene in CS?
NRG Will Surpass Liquid
It's certainly possible, but imo NRG caps out just short of T1, where Fnatic and SK are right now
Unexpected teams that can qualify for the major
no earthly way boxr, or Dig gets to the major, IMO it's NRG and eUnited out of NA, with Rogue and coL as potential dark horses I'm calling it, VG.Flash beats Renegades and goes to the major with TyLo...
WC predictions Sunday
Costa Rica > Serbia Germany > Mexico (mexico might sneak a draw tho) Brazil > Switzerland
1994 WC has highest total attendance record even though it was a 24-team world cup, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo