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1st day of school
Hahahah +1
OG signing team??
why you think that they will sign a team ? btw the players will not get everything of the money. They have a management behind them etc. Like Astralis.
Valiance vs Chaos
Chaos Esports Club will win 2 times 16:10, will be ez 4 mastermind godnax and best coach godwalk. Join Steam fan group of the best swedish team :
Tiers 1, 2, 3
t1 / ChaosEC with godnax rest doesnt matter.
Atlants vs Chaos
godnax and godwalk will make chaosEC top 1.
SuperJymy vs Chaos
EZ for GODNEXLELE Join Steam fangroup Best swedish team with mastermind godnax an best coach godwalk, dont forget the nip carry maikelele
Chaos vs SuperJymy
Join Chaos Esports Club Fangroup boys . EZ for godnax
Why SK go to MIBR ?????????????
SK and VP are owned by one org. In 5 or 6 months its not allowed anymore to have 2 teams (like acadamy teams). So one of them has to sell the team or let them go. I think VP is more popular for the ...
Renegades 5th?
Worst City in your country?
R.I.P Duisburg
HUNDEN killed cp with ak47 (headshot) HUNDEN killed TOBIZ with ak47 (headshot) HUNDEN killed kalleW with ak47 (headshot) HUNDEN killed brieF with ak47 (headshot) God
Good OpTic lineup
-gob - tabsen - oskar - HS +dennis current lineup is good enough.
pro100 vs AGO
hey ago lets throw
1 - 14 hm niko
exam cheating
Never change your method as long as it works