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NiP fix
i don't know naawk but agree on Dennis and GTR. I'm unsure about Lekro, since he's IGL and I don't think he's much worse/better then Golden. I'm also unsure about REZ. He once was like really good at ...
Astralis why?
yea but Blast Pro makers own Astralis so they're prob sorta forced to go there
Sadokist vs zonic
yea i was talkin bout sadokist
Sadokist vs zonic
true but does that make it a ''conflict of interest''? I would be careful using these words
I'm Matt Damon
hi matt what ya doin for a living
IGL options for FaZe
looool +1
C9 is obviously the underdog of blast pro, but what do you guys think about mibr vs c9? Does c9 have a chance?
I actually would want to see a Liquid vs Navi final with Liquid winning, not just bcs i'm done with Astralis but more so bcs I would like to see their weakeness at least at one event (of bo1's). I ...
1,71 rating in bo3
yes he's a god but remind me, what's the rating based on again
6’11 AMA
I didn't really notice much difference between public transport here or in other countries i visited, but I've never been to Asia/the US so maybe there its way worse, but its not ideal here. Also, I...
6’11 AMA
must be shit tbh, I'm 198 and I already wish I was a bit shorter so I wouldn't get future back problems and current problems with doors, shitty airplane/train/but seats and just feeling like an absolu...
de_cache stuttering
what is stuttering
Lol not sure what you are implying but you could've done all that (your materialist measurement of success isn't the absolute sole standard of happiness and success btw) and still play CSGO. I play CS...
yeah he played okay. but he still makes many weird plays when entrying with the team, getting shot in the back a lot of times etc
Na'vi sdy
agree, enough potential for NAVI in CIS region. Just wonder who would fit as IGL
Hey spirit fans
implying that anyone is a fan of a team like Spirit. They got some good players th, NAVI should look at Idisbalance as replacement of Edward or so