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Best game you had in cs?
when we were down 14x1, me bottom fragging with 2/14 and we manage to win 14x16, almost choking on the last round if wasnt for me winning a 1v3 bomb planted and a strong 31/20 performance
18+ br girl on twitch
s1mple unbanned
i think if somebody copied everything YT and Twitch do to merge them together, besides adding what they dont have but would be better if they did, then they are going to lose so hard
yep, exactly, but a backup if they dont get visa in a country or so
your religion
1. which religion and denomination/church do u belong to? Christianism 2. do u believe in god or ur religion's mythology? In God 3. how often do u go to church/mosque/temple/...? Never (i dont believe...
Believe NASA? Hhahahaha
i dont know you, but as Descartes said "Cogito ergo sum" im real, do believe in God, but i take my life as a reality since i dont know what will happen in the end of it i mean, better live wealthy tha...
Believe NASA? Hhahahaha
i think you are having what bacon called "ídolos", dont know the same in english though anyway, "ídolos" are what limit the humans to seek the truth, in your case its either "ídolo do teatro", which i...
Believe NASA? Hhahahaha
"there is no argument against flat earth" newton and einstein: nah nah nah bud
Believe NASA? Hhahahaha
man, when you say that earth is flat, you are not only emplying that the government is lying, but 72 space agencies, from which 13 has lauch capacibilty; you are not only emplying that they are lying,...
Believe NASA? Hhahahaha
i wont even watch because im not as stupid as someone not believing 72 space agencies
r8 boomer aim
global elite
r8 how Jame sings