Lucas Vasconcelos Lima

Friendly brazilian guy who baits sometime, so if you are seeing my profile right now, I might have baited you.
Also, I'm a fan of es3tag. Enjoyed the news about him going to Astralis and am excited to see him in C9's project.
Besides, I'm 17 yo, started playing CS when I was 6 and discovered the scene in 2k17, ESL Cologne, which SK Gaming won and started playing CS:GO in the end of that year.

As of today, 24/03/2021, I'm not a C9 fan anymore, but I'm still es3tag's
I won't be showing any flair until I find a team that I can cheer on

As of today, 22/07/2021, I'm a CoL fan since es3tag's been part of the team now.

If you want to send me anything, here is my tradelink

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