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So what do you think about a -Stewie +STYKO? do you think that would work??
kjaerbye :(
They wouldn't be as good as they are rn with Kjaerbye
South American CS
Pretty much because brazil is a really big country with a lot of people. Argentina, for example, had a team in MDL of NA but because of bad luck all the players had to come back here. There are other...
I hate Shitralis
how much??
Ghost vs iNTACT
If Ghost is really trying to replace Steel with Subroza, well that would be a very bad fucking move xdd
Mouz mixwell + karrigan?
mixwell wants to achieve more with a Spanish team
Feel bad 4 NiKo
The problem about FaZe is that, they obviously don't want to spend more money on the team. But they need a real IGL and a good support player. In my opinion the best options are MSL and Golden (when ...
lmao read this
Stewie fucked tarik over
I mean don't get me wrong, i think that both of them were wrong on leaving C9, but if i get to choose who was the snake, i would say tarik. Even tarik said on an interview that he reached mibr
Stewie fucked tarik over
The moment when they needed him the most, he's gone xdd
Stewie fucked tarik over
You realise that, when tarik left, it was worse than Stewie leaving? xdd
mibr.kNg on that video, cold say's that "felps is a difficult person to play with, it wasn't a great experience, it's a great player but not mentally good, so besi...
He said it on a Movistar Riders interview, if i get the link, i'll give it to you
coldzera said on an interview that playing with felps was really difficult. And felps and fer on the same team doesn't work xd