its all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits
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5 km running
in the military people have to run 5km in 18 min for a perfect 300 score
Alex Jones banned
Alex Jones is someone who I am not well acquainted with, for I try to litter my news feed with facts and not conspiracy theories. His freedom to spread such theories should not be impeded upon though...
How to gain weight?
Tbh man 1-3 is not consistent enough. you usually dont start building muscle until 6 weeks of consistent weight training and thats just an average time span some it takes less time some it takes longe...
How to gain weight?
I'll be honest with you man. Wrestling may be a great way to get into shape, but if you are good at anything else (Football, Baseball, Swimming) stick with that. Wrestling got me into the best and wo...
Communism doesn't work
It truly astounds me how idiotic people are who believe this method will work on a large scale. Do we as humans suck at understanding history? It has failed time and time again.
Countries you want to visit
Italy Germany Sweden Japan France
How to gain weight?
When you say "1-3 per" are you referring to week or daily. I know people who go to the gym multiple time a day so thats why i ask. Have you tried taking shakes? During Offseason for wrestling I was ...
Major Prediction
Tbh man its a long shot, but so was C9 winning the major. GL
Gaming chair
That's understandable. Gaming chairs have their strengths and weaknesses for sure. I guess you wont really know unless you try a few chairs out maybe go to a store or something? I wish you the best in...
XANTARES can still be top 1 2018
Simple has been one of the highest rated players ever too, but where is his prediction to win the major? His team as a whole will need to perform on another level if they are to compete with such conc...
Gaming chair
Hell you may even be able to find a good chair for less than 200$
Gaming chair
IMO bro you dont need to spend 400$ for a good gaming chair 200-260$ are where quality peaks in my opinion. Not worth spending any more than that unless you have very specific taste. Good luck though.
Where should Cromen go?
i think he should join SawCon
Games are for kids
9 year old confirmed