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University parties
there's always parties but is not for everybody you have to be a funny person, extremly sociable or handsome. avg hltv users are shy and prefer to play videogames.
they literally reached Europa League finals without Ronaldo dude is washed up and ruined teams chemistry with his ego
9z vs sftsaftm
that's what you call "copa de leche"
Sonic to take break from competition
Understable, dude has been grinding for years and chocked all the important games against literally every low tier BR team.
fnx has never lost a major - reminder!
topson lost tho
floppy in talks with Extra Salt - Report
these africans have been around in the scene since forever and never achieved anything, fang is a weak player too so I guess one of these 3 are being kicked.
9z try god
the same they said about NikoM, meyern, Luken all of them cold chest, they always crumble under the pressure.
9z move to NA
NA is the easiest way to get LAN spots, but if they really want to improve they have to move to europe, NA too weak.
9z vs Wisla Krakow
i'm surprised that wisla even took 14 rounds, 9z looks like a way better team tbh
spirit did the naruto run in the last major
SA 2.0
they should adjust the major spots per region and lock the regions afterwards (give SA more and NA less). This is getting ridiculous, BR teams are just abusing the system by getting free spots in NA.
MSL is right.
csgo players always acting like boomers hating everything that changes a little bit the game. that's why valve only cares about dota 2 patches.
9z vs Sharks
Try ready for team one
9z vs Bravos
pija para los malos