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FaZe vs North
Epsilon vs Space Soldiers
im not ss fan but. that epsilon kids knews everything on mirage connecter right side especially they never spots ss player but Surreal prefires it by running even he scarred by dueling 1v1 lol. anothe...
compLexity vs MIBR
STANISLAW WELCOME TO THE GAME ! stan knews how to play againist brazilians
Tricked vs x-kom
good stream snipe lol. when the 3 guys just pushes without flashes smoke, mynio was knew he fall back to site . whattan great team info !!
New4 vs CyberZen
that thing calls mafia throw. they secured map point and doesnt care about next round. u saw 1 guy of cz pushing B site into 4 people..
Astralis vs Liquid
ast fan boy here
NRG vs compLexity
stanislaw is insane. mastermind. vs NOBO
aimlock lvl better than flusha. damn their teammate call is soi good haha
Astralis vs Cloud9
ma friend dont bet under again in lan tournament :D
Astralis vs Cloud9
Under bettors Kappa
Astralis vs Cloud9
Astralis bettors PogChamp in any case. they are 1000001% better than you :)
Astralis vs Cloud9
Probably shroud gonna play instead FNS. if shroud plays pubg legend gonna rekt danish squad :)
Quantum Bellator Fire vs GODSENT
Shaggy and his teammates cannot handle QBF
SCARZ Absolute vs EHOME
SZ roster : Asia crowd FC barcelona Lazy boi great Poet and Takashi Murakami #choke_team
Natus Vincere vs GODSENT
1 of the great throw by navi in 2018. whatta choke point ? they already taken match point when hampus was low hp in tribox.... but motherfuckers doesnt give up. is hampuss played like fcking kenny or...