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yo how is pick em going for you guys
Have 3 so far NRG(3-0), Vitality and Renegades, if Ence wins today I'll need one more out of: fnatic G2 Nip or Cloud 9
the maldives
It's their religion it's not like they are suffering... We can't see things through our own eyes, but put them in perspective. In Dubai they are way more strict. I've been living in a Muslim country (...
Best team logos
Dignitas, Godsent, VP, Hellraisers, cloud9 No specific order.
the maldives
I've been in Maldives for vacations, I've advised family members to go there. It's the easiest way I can put it. I was in Mafushi, a small island where they are "kinda" strict with the law. There is a...
volvo can't count to 3?
Yes it was. Lol A mod made by fans, later bought by valve. Same as dota
Cristiano Ronaldo Rape allegation
What she is doing is the oldest trick in the game. Grab a superstar, make him be dumb enough to go with you, get his sperm, acuse him of rape, Get a settlement. For him was 1/8 of his monthly salary t...
Cristiano Ronaldo Rape allegation
Rich guys can't date/hang/be with common girls. Why ? Cuz you will have this kind of situations. The girl hangs with him at a bar, she goes to his penthouse, has sex with him, now turns it to rape cha...
volvo can't count to 3?
Just as CS being a mod for half life.
Faceit major stickers
Good looking stickers, on pair with Boston and a bit worse than Atalanta. Still way better than let's say krakow, columbus 2016 and cluj-napoca
DEAD game with proof
I checked the steamstats. And the game has dropped significant number of players in may,no coincidence, there was a huge ban wave then. Also for the last 4 months has been increasing it's numbers agai...
DEAD game with proof
I'm just gonna ask you one thing. Why the fuck are you comparing July 2017(major)with August 2018, if the London major was held in September? To fit your storyline better ? Edit: after all it's 2 que...
Mgk destroyed Eminem
Diddy ? You need a producer to sell albums ? Hell no, just to make good music, but good music is definitely not what kids want nowadays. So you need money to buy airplay and make videos to become vira...
Mgk destroyed Eminem
Shade ? What the fuck have you been smoking? How can a dune shade a mountain? Eminem release his new album, and that wannabe tried to ride the wave, got punched and crawled back to his hole.
Mgk destroyed Eminem
- he used like 4 different flows on the killshot track. - he is so fucking great that made a song with a boom bap beat and without video. Focus on the lyrics and keep the accessorie, accessorie. - he...
My life story.
That's a hell of a life story for such a young man, you are a true fighter, stay strong brother. We have a saying "Depois da tempestade vem a Bonança" , keep it in mind and stay positive, life still h...