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"S1mple Not Tox1c"
"S1mple Not Tox1c"
As I said earlier: you seem like a sensitive slut who needs to vilify people or slow them down so that your point is important. "Look he's bad, very bad!" You are just ignorant and do not understand...
"S1mple Not Tox1c"
It's just the truth, perhaps you have a prior opinion to see the flag that is close to my nicknamente you create a pathetic totally stereotypical view of me. "Look a Brazilian! Samba, -s-o-c-c-e-r-, ...
"S1mple Not Tox1c"
This is so funny, I love seeing a hypocrite of tolerant Sweden if they destroy themselves in fallacies. You have not understood anything, maybe it is cultural, after all men and women of your country...
"S1mple Not Tox1c"
Pathetic, insecure as a girl who needs to show her parents that she's still a virgin.
"S1mple Not Tox1c"
hahahahahaha Because I would be willing to write something complex if he is immature, fragile, and chiefly dumb? How will I teach a person to think like a horse if he is just the fly that stomps on t...
"S1mple Not Tox1c"
Again fallacies and awful power of argument. How can I be offended by what does not represent my reality or who I am, again you trying to somehow attack and again not understanding at all nothing of ...
"S1mple Not Tox1c"
When comparing myself to Jovik gives to see that his ability of reasoning and conclusion is totally deformed, I think that you have devoured a lot of hltv culture, in a way very pathetic. You wrote m...
i dont like him because i dont like him
Worst Tourists in Your Country?
The difference is that Brazil is a global economy even though it is poor and its country is totally unknown even in Europe.
"S1mple Not Tox1c"
Funny you vilify me. I think that this kind of reaction that I provoked has something more than you think will intimidate me by calling me psychopath or child, in a way it's pathetic. You who believe...
humans ego?
nr sokatres
France or Brazil
dont worry brazilians are dumb like a monk(as)