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r8 motar2k's gf
You would fuck her anyway
ENCE finally good?
You really want to argue lol
-Meyern is a mistake (IMO)
The real question is are you ready to read what he wrote?
-Meyern is a mistake (IMO)
He is playing pit on inferno one of the hardest spots to play in, Playing A on vertigo solo, playing A long most of the time after the first 20s on pit alone, dude got the hardest spots and he still g...
-Meyern is a mistake (IMO)
The kid got insane aim and he needs to play more inteligent thats it but when you are playing vs tier 3 teams and tier 2 and now you have to face a fully skilled liquid of Envy its different and yall ...
Hispanic rap songs
Ya las conocía pero están buenas +1
Hispanic rap songs
Best map to watch pros play on?
I really like watching Inferno and Train, Inferno just because how strat based the map is and also Train but Train is my favorite map so I really enjoy any type of game on that map
went 30 - 7 in mm
Imagine playing mm on lem and thinking you are good
MIBR +Luken
MIBR +Luken
On those days t1 cs was just about doing the exact thing over and over no ones pushes smokes or did crazy agro alone plays, thats why players like Felps, Fer and Fnx where impossible to play, they pus...
MIBR +Luken
But in diferent ways dude, two awpers holding different sites but with Fer and Felps both are agressive and like to push by themselves. What if Felps decides to push B thru the smoke and get kill and ...
But he is playing well vs teams that are obviously lower in skill than t1 and t2 teams
Why s1mple isn't even in top5 players of all time
That ranking is made of stats made it of thropies and S1mple won't even be top 10