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sAw vs Sprout
Map advantage for Endpoint in the final tho, they'll start 1-0, making it even more difficult
Nexus vs Wisla Krakow
gg, the better team won, deservedly as well
Nexus vs Wisla Krakow
This was the expected result, their recent form isn't great and it's Wislas pick, a Nexus win would have been an upset
Nexus vs Wisla Krakow
Not a smart bet tbh Not only is Train CT-sided, so getting a good start is easier, it's also Wislas best map...and well, Nexus got trashed on their own pick
Endpoint vs sAw
Yeah, only one spot in EPL for the MDL teams In case sAw win this match, they'll reach the Grand Final, meaning they'll play for said spot
MBAPPEEK vs Copenhagen Flames
Acilion was the IGL for the Lions before, replacing hunden
MBAPPEEK vs Copenhagen Flames
Lol, acilion unable to kill a defusing player from behind, Lions should have kept hunden back in the day, acilion never was an upgrade
MBAPPEEK vs Copenhagen Flames
Nah man, 4v1, 5v3, 3v1, they're simply not good enough today and will fall too far behind
MBAPPEEK vs Copenhagen Flames
It also helps that Flames can't kill anybody rn lol
MBAPPEEK vs Copenhagen Flames
I mean, this COULD on paper be a 2-0 for the Flames, but with their recent form and considering this is a Nine to Five match...not so sure.
Movistar Riders vs Winstrike
Playing with their coach, that explains the odds
Movistar Riders vs Winstrike
Coach standing in for bondik
Movistar Riders vs Winstrike
Apparently taking a health break, has already been missing for the last two matches
LDLC vs Giants
Lol, guess I underestimated just how good of a map Inferno is for Giants
Sergej very smart
How did you think he got this shredded? Come on man, it's obvious