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Movistar Riders vs Case
Case is based in Madrid because they're funded by Casemiro, who's playing for Real Probably why they're allowed to participate in ESL Spain without having a singe Spanish player
Sprout vs Tricked
? Flashpoint 3 is an RMR event This is the Closed Qualifier for Flashpoint 3
Sprout vs Tricked
I kinda understand the logic, but this is meant to be a heavy punishment. This is a Major qualifier after all.
Vitality vs 9z
Man 9z is really unlucky - historic upset against Vitality and their next two opponents would most likely be Heroic and Gambit, who just played the EPL final
Vitality vs 9z
They play exclusively against SA teams afaik, not even NA communication
Vitality vs 9z
Just gotta read the score in reverse, easy win
Copenhagen Flames vs GORILLAZ
Yeah, but not some random mix All of them are highly experienced and two have played on the same team not too long ago
Copenhagen Flames vs GORILLAZ
Gorillaz are already signed, they're just not yet allowed to name the org (I've seen speculation that it's Guild)
Heroic vs SAW
? fox has never been with saw or this lineup, has he?
Gambit vs NASR
? NASR won their qualification tournament, they weren't invited
Astralis vs OG
I think a roster change would honestly help Astralis, but no weird "six man roster" this time, just officially bench one of your underperforming players and bring in someone new The roster has been to...
Astralis vs OG
Didn't watch the first map, but my best guess: valde hardcarrying OG as usual and mantuu kept saving the AWP in lost rounds, thus the low deaths
FURIA vs FunPlus Phoenix
Better at least, according to his Twitter Fever has been gone for a couple of days already, can't smell or taste anything tho
FURIA vs FunPlus Phoenix Literally the front page lmao
FURIA vs FunPlus Phoenix
"FunPlus Phoenix will finish out the ESL Pro League season with suNny, after which they will likely move on from the Finnish player, with STYKO revealing that negotiations with chrisJ have been resume...