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For once I'd bet on intz
SERB team
emi > ynk
SERB team
Hunter nexa devoduvek (serbian/french) maden Lacore (Lacore > zon1q imo) emi - coach
face isnt horrible, but that FUCKING NECK Shouldve been Giraffe
Why zywoo rating
Error on their part maybe?
McDonalds or KFC
KFC. I used to work at mcdonalds and I got so burnt out on their food I hardly eat there anymore
csgo knife
Get whatever you like I got a MW Statrak Fal Damascus steel for pretty cheap. It looks nice and I love the fals inspect animation
Make CIS superteam
Jame has too much of a baiting playstyle for a lineup like that, otherwise I wouldnt have SANJi for support. Im also not impressed with Boombl4 so far as an IGL or I woulde had him and then ANGE1 to c...
Make CIS superteam
Qikert s1mple Electronic ANGE1 SANJi LMBT - Coach
NA why DAPS?
Thank mens))))))
They run comparisons of situations. I.e usually when prime Liquid lost a piston their odds never changed because they had such a high conversion rate (last I checked I believe it was 79%) so they just...
ZywOo and s1mple
he speaks it but it isnt the best. From what ive seen its mainly just he learned callouts and very basic communication, but i wouldnt peg him for an international team
NA why DAPS?
Moose was the star of eU/RN during that entire core, and when eU picked up the SP core he was still always their best player, plus he's had some international experience going to a DH Open, and I beli...
NA why DAPS?
He's a solid igl in terms of stats and always held somewhat decent rosters but when he got kicked from NRG he was forced into building a roster from the ground up and it just didnt work out as C9 has ...
awp boom
I just got an Acheron