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Story behind your name
just took a word, and changed how it is for GameZ. I add inh0 or just other random shit like iwnl if GameZ itself is taken
Sinners vs HellRaisers
if stewie isn't igl anymore
Hes working as a second caller, and is the only aggressive rifler and entry fragger on the roster. If they kick him it has to be for an entry.
AUG Price
make the krieg slightly usable the point of the krieg and aug imho was always to be a slightly better version of the ak/m4 but not overwhelming like they were when they were popular. Find a balance t...
+1 to all but the limited skins and removing stuff like FaceIT limited skins just gonna fuck up skin economy, just make drops slightly more common, and release atleast like 2 cases a year Fix MM to ...
depends on the scene If 6 man rosters are still active, likely a higher end EU mix will grab him asap, but if they aren't I imagine he'll slide back into the Finnish scene at first, then probably joi...
-tarik +Shakez to igl -Ethan +Stewie tariks an ok IGL, and Ill always stand by that but if its a hypothetical teambuild I rather see shakezulla in as the IGL even if skill wise, hes dogshit for T1. N...
-rain +ropz
the original FaZe plan was ropz supposedly leaving with Karrigan to join FaZe with Kjaerbye going to Mouz likely, but I guess that fell through
Niko and Shox team destroyers
NiKo +1 Shox only taking it up til apEX comes back, so it's essentially like Magisk calling while gla1ve was on vacation, they'll be worse until apEX comes back, I dont see shox politicing his way in...
DeKay retired
trust me bro best leaks
DeKay retired
damn whos gonna leak reports that only come true like 50% of the time in all honesty that actually sucks, I liked his work outside of leaking inside info
Your favorite drink
did you drink all my mountain dew? cmere lemme smell ya breath
C9 tried to keep oSee and floppy, clearly oSee didn't wanna resign
Your favorite drink
mountain dew prob
I mean nowhere for him to go in CIS only option would've been ForZe but it seems like they have the people they want lined up