I like memes, messing with baiters, food, and the misery of others. Yes I am also 14. Possible reporter in a few years? Probably not but why not hope amirite?
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Snax Or Styko???
STYKO did play a lot like TACO in the regard of sacrificing himself but ChrisJ didn't call that all the time while cold usually just told TACO to bait for him. He was a good fit for the team but it wa...
Snax Or Styko???
STYKO fit them a lot better. Probably one of the best support players all time in how he plays the role (not achievements) while Snax has to be a star player and they already have 3
New IBP team?
People in the org were involved so they won't let them field a roster. I'm not sure if they're eligible if they fired all the employees involved but iBP, and I think NCG aren't able to have a roster s...
New IBP team?
They can't have a roster cuz of match fixing btw
Zonic does more demo work then gives gla1ve the important parts so he works on his form. He watches demos in between events but spends more time on his skill during them
Movistar Riders vs LDLC
ALEX killed ALEX with glock (headshot)
Worst Major.
With the way seeding in Bucholz is it works perfectly fine. These things are gonna happen at every major because no roster will always be the exact same. Little changes will always happen that throw o...
Is woxic going to london
It sucks with the way VISAs work. I wish NA wouldnt reject them so easily because i wanna be able to attend a major without spending 3k on a trip
Is woxic going to london
Well then HellRaisers have a chance of making top 16
Is woxic going to london
Probably VISA issues unless he applied way ahead of time. He was able to get a VISA for the Minors so he might've been able to get one for the Major
Rankings haven't updated and they had literally all easy teams and then Kinguin who's average at best. MiBR could easily beat every team there but TYLOO based on skill alone
Byali leaves VP
either AGO or Kinguin No other org can pay him what hes worth unless he goes to a mix like Snax
Byali leaves VP
i dont get why. Hes been good and this roster has potential with Snatchie. I swear if they make morelz their long term 5th imma be pissed as fuck
Real Top 20 Players
CeRq hasn't done much t1 stuff other than the finals they made but skill wise he's definitely top 20
Guerrilla Tactics vs Glockoma