I like memes, messing with baiters, food, and the misery of others. Yes I am also 14. Possible reporter in a few years? Probably not but why not hope amirite?
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AWPers bad with SSG
There's a few which null that but from a general standpoint it's about 75-80% of positional/angle awpers
Imperial + frozen
hAdJi 10x better than keev
Cloud9 Fans come here
All couldve bean easily avoided if they kicked kicked Ska and had someone play support with RUSH or even got a new support player after Stew left.
-JW/draken +tw1st
Nt Red Reserve
I don't like that MIBR is international as the roster should stay purely Brazilian like the name says but at this point teams need to go international to really have a chance. I'm not talking like how...
C9 D0Cc and TenZ
I wasn't sure about his age. I never cared enough about D0cc to look into him and ofc I never watched the stuff about him and that VAC stuff. Majority of my info comes from forums or random videos on ...
Hes been great lately but he's so inconsistent he hurts the team more than he helps otherwise I'd say -GTR and bring back Draken.
The point I was making is that he isn't leaving but being benched/released. They want to test out international players since more teams like that are finding success and are using that as an opportun...
Óscar "mixwell" Cañellas will be North's fifth player at DreamHack Open Valencia as the Danish organisation plans to try out an international roster, it has been announced. The Spanish player will be...
If he went to Heroic since they'll probably get mertz if he's kicked from North then they could be nuts.
I've been saying kick REZ forever now. I would've rather seen -REZ +lekr0 and then -GTR +Golden cuz atlast they traded a bot for another bot but the second bot can atleast igl
BIG's best player
tabseN has always been the main star with nex and tiziaN with supposed ot do well but still support him but since smooya came in I'm guessing something internally has changed since nex has been given ...
Smooya shit talking
He wasn't super impactful so he can't shit talk teams. Especially when nex of all people is topfragging
I think it's more of the "honeymoon period" thing. They can still be a top 20 team imo and have INSANE results online ATM against tier 2 teams so who knows
Both AleksiB and Allu call depending on the map but I think majority of it is AleksiB