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im 15 so use that against me B)
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Thorin exposes Pimp
Cromen > jkaem RUBINO = jkaem truth > jkaem Marcelious > jkaem hallzerk > jkaem
TSM, if ex-IBP unbanned
tarik Swag now time for mediocre free agents or MDL players Karrigan TenZ oBo (he's 16 this year so works) fRoD - coach
German CS right now.
I think with more practice they could Sprout also looks strong but the next EU Minor is gonna be fucky BIG fnatic Mouz North those 4 alone gonna ruin shit because North is such an up and down roster...
iBP Bans - Yes or no
they should be unbanned Their shit is serious and they've been out roughly 5 years which is still a bit ridiculous. I think that at most they serve another 2 years. Cheaters deserve perma bans but a ...
Guess top3 major winners
1. Astralis 2. Liquid 3/4. Renegades/NaVi
Scream New Roster
Magisk and Allu were supposed to be the stars and Mixwell was supposed to be like how Flamie is for NaVi of just being that middle player. He carried them majority of the time and the only time they d...
Scream New Roster
OpTic was the mark of his downfall but that entire team, bar mixwell, was garbage. Allu was supposed to primary AWP yet mixwell had it most of the time cuz Allu played like shit and lost it since the...
Scream New Roster
tbh if BTRG signed ScreaM, HS and Draken to go along with Fejtz and truth that couldve been a pretty solid roster
literally everyone sleepin on Jimmy Carter
Why NRG lost
tbh they shouldnt be top 4 top 10 for sure but not top 4.
stew to main awp plz
they use nitr0 on CT as an AWP so they have 4 strong ass riflers to fall back on. If they make Stew AWP and he goes down then their firepower goes down a shit ton since nitr0 <<<<<< Stew Plus they d...
still dropped a map to RNG. If NaVi take a map off Liquid everyone is gonna shit talk TL yet NaVi > RNG and people are discrediting RNG as opposed to giving them credit for actually taking a map off A...
ceh9 2000iq (mibr fans come here)
0/8 Would you show your strats against the teams youd be playing in the biggest event in CS?
Again they used Snax as a support. Theyre unpredictable af with their moves
ceh9 2000iq (mibr fans come here)
It was only the players at the Major who ranked them and MiBR wouldn't pracc against them so they can save strats.