I like memes, messing with baiters, food, and the misery of others. Yes I am also 15
. Possible reporter in a few years? Probably not but why not hope amirite?
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Formula for Liquid winning a final
everyone other than nitr0 plays well and nitr0 is the IGL the only other fix would be -nitr0 +stan or some shit which he wouldnt leave coL
Formula for Liquid winning a final
-EliGe +literally any good NA aimer,
Bondik kalinka AdreN Seized markeloff Keshandr probably to Gambit otherwise id say -markeloff +keshandr
Mibr and Renegades NA teams?
they live in NA and compete in NA but arent an NA team
-Who(NaVi) +AdreN soon
this is both right and wrong s1mple and electronic are right Flamie is a and Edward is alright but he does have a lot of moments where you realize he's just pretty bad overall and if NaVi slump aga...
How many majors your country has
2 Edit: fifflaren is American so 2 majors eks dee
markeloff retired?
Well it wasn't like those insane 200k buyouts but they spent like 85k for him since it ruined FlipSid3s plans
markeloff retired? They rebuilding team around wayLander and Markeloff but Winstrike paid a ton for wayLander
markeloff retired?
Failed an exam.
glad to be of service
Failed an exam.
do it in the cleanest way possible so the people who have to clean up the mess don't have to deal with it
first clip what was fishy? The running shot through the window? i see people do it all the time looking for lucky tags. Second clip he was jiggling a shit ton and that seemed a bit off with the xray...
Failed an exam.
yes because that's how the world works now
Failed an exam.
you have failed life. You will work in fast food forever
Pronax - Godsent?
He created the brand