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3:2 stretched surprisingly good
Wdym 5:4 is even wider than 4:3. 1280x1024 is literally unusable already
Lost talents
Biggest waste was JeyN, should have been 2nd zywoo (imo even better), but then he took all attention to college.
Mouse sensitivity bug?
Lol game is so broken, sounds are shit as well, i heard some pros complained they didn’t hear sound of defusing the bomb from position where you usually hear it, causing lost round.
Best stats faceit players
lol very nice logic watching on last 20 games. Can u please show me any player with 27+ avg on 3.5k+ elo PREM ladder?
Best stats faceit players
with 28avg all time stats, I think he literally has the best rated account on faceit. He used to be aim god, now he's old and igl
device rifle
didn't know it about your mother too
ur height and weight
182cm 85kg 44eu shoes size 16.3cm D size
Best stats faceit players
Best stats faceit players
Woro2k was banned, not vac banned though if u didn't mix it with w0nderful. This is his old acc: faceit: https://www.faceit.com/en/players/Din_V steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/woro2kcomeback
Best stats faceit players
Best stats faceit players
I heard he doesn't have vac ban but he just deactivated his old acc
Best stats faceit players
Nivera has 1.9kd as well for example. I think it is possible because he's an awper and plays with his good teammates, so when the match ends up 16-3 or so and he has like 20-2, he gets 10kd and you ca...
Best stats faceit players
w0derful plays prem so i don't think he's elo farmer, rn he's playing on the stream against 3 stuck kristou, cajunb and jugi btw
Best stats faceit players
yes i've heard that, he started to play faceit pugs like a month ago. He could be great player.
Best stats faceit players
:D Bro it was like 5 years ago when he played and only 5 stacks with his teammates in NA region where nobody played because every good player used to play on ESEA until 2018. Stayfrosty (one of his te...