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what's the point of this topic LOL... some poeple shouldnt be able to post.
MIBR autimatic
im not even from america lol
MIBR autimatic
rofl am i even supposed to talk to a kid like you? your prolly another 3rd world country trash talking about fake flagging, dont play yourself kid
MIBR autimatic
your dumb, their time is coming
don’t play yourself dumbass, u don’t know shit about me
your not even 12 f0wlie right... you'd be better off gettin' your sloppy little b*tchface out of here 3rd world country trash
Top 5 awpers at their peaks
Every single awper misses right. But dev1ce retrained himselft to being more consistent. Obviously he still misses sometimes, but hes way better than used to be, especially on ct side when hes very re...
Top 5 awpers at their peaks
lol brah. Whenever i tried high sens, i was able to flick very s1mply. On the other hand, its destined you not to hit default shots so easily. Its really hard to describe it, but a mouse with a higher...
quickswitching with AWP method
lol you’re just blind or what. I wrote this exact thing, i also have mousewheelup and down on jump, used to have quickswitch on space like 4 years ago, but then it was found as bannable on lan tournam...
quickswitching with AWP method
lol toxic portugal 10yo kid spotted. Its not obvious at all since both methods are pretty similar and its about personal preferences, i was just wondering how about pro players... and im way better th...
I am a MIBR fan
whatever, hes not even dead for sure... just another fairy tale
Top 5 awpers at their peaks
but not being the best lol
Top 5 awpers at their peaks
Why s1mple... Hes a very decent rifler and can awping pretty good, but hes been best due his game sense, not awping skills. He hits flicks because of high sensitivity, but he aint hit default shots li...
??? im absolutely not getting this
400 dpi 1.15 sensitivity
Yes ive actually never tried naf settings... thanks for a suggestion. And yea, michu is another level :-D that actually seems to be almost unplayable even for me as a very low sens player as well. Unl...