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Liquid Cerq
liquid has already set themselves as a top 5 team. they need to figure out their problems in this lineup not make more roster changes
build 2 super-teams
They have shown nothing in over a year. PGL Krakow was too long ago to base player's performance off of. That "super team" has no recent success in the scene
build 2 super-teams
how has TACO dropped off. Since he left the MIBR core he has been playing on a Top 3 team against tier 1 opponents. MIBR's only performance against a tier 1 team was at blast when they took a map off ...
build 2 super-teams
The NA/SA team is a tier 3 team at the very best and the French team tier 2. Neither could contest with Astralis or for trophies
Top 5 aim players?
I am surprised he still has no team after his time with Faze. He proved his value as a player at the highest level of CS
Top 5 aim players?
I dont get why they would have Skadoodle second awp. definitely not consistent enough and no point if not primary awper. tarik autimatic and coldzera would be better 2nd awp options. add fer over ska...
what about EliGe??
BnTeT polish??
0/8 bait. BnTeT is indonesian
Summer Games
Overwatch if you like FPS games. I have not played much but it is pretty fun.
CLG New Team
Liquid is significantly better than CLG ever was. I know they only have CS_Summit 2 and no Premier but CLG also won nothing. And Liquid has made deep runs in Premier tournaments beating tier 1 EU team...
CLG New Team
CLG will never win a major At least NiP won a major and are still playing top tier counterstrike CLG won nothing of relevance
Mouse suck
if you want wireless get the logitech g703. if you want wired get a mouse from Zowie, logitech, maybe steelseries or finalmouse. I have the g303 and I am really happy with it but it is pretty small an...
Cold > S1mple PROOF
Well S1mple was on the best team in the world, TEAM LIQUID. RIP Liquid s1mple
Cold > S1mple PROOF
S1mple's recent performance is much better than Coldzera and Na'Vi's results are better than SK as well.