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Liquid tier1 - how to implement
wtf with steel they won cs summit2 against c9 who had just won the major and SK who had just started there down fall with that loss to liquid. Steel @ liquid win 1 tournament taco @ liquid 0 win.
ikr Griezman so overrated
Faceit level 1 looking for teammates(must be LEM+)
I live in Katowice AMA
better then being an asian
coldzera & Liquid
very true. i could see this happen
coldzera & Liquid
:/ i kinda like liquid the way they are except for taco
Griezy overrated
mibr question?
ok u know what schmuck is but the Brits dont wanna be apart of the EU. The vote was hacked by the Russians so that Britain could not get any more powerful.
mibr question?
British people dont wanna be apart of Europe and you have the EU flag. only logical explanation is because Britain has 1 ok play u thought i wanna be apart of the EU because im ashamed that we are shi...
mibr question?
you got that off the British guy and u dont even know what it means.
mibr question?
MIBR Masturbating is the M In is the I and Brazil is the BR. another British retard.
neymar is the best football player
all god bruv
neymar is the best football player
for someone to make a fuck retarded mistake as you just did is horribly disgusting. Say goodbye to your internet for a month.
by your logic every fuck Australia team isn't real Australian. Retards these days
neymar is the best football player
what do mean? i was on your side because the german guy said that strikers more important than midfielders and him saying that after germany got kicked out in the group stage. what of my logic says th...