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S1mple GOAT
ik its ridiculous that s1mple got an MVP when he was in a team that lost. He should be in the team that is winning the tournament if he is so good to get all those mvps.
S1mple GOAT
lmfao got your facts wrong so u needed to make an excuse pathetic astralis fangay mind
Ex6TenZ lul
Yeah Name ONE!
lets fucking go mang0
Freak is quitting
so hes not quitting swole?
valens > Golden.
Chinese talking about dicks lul
Freak is quitting
maybe cooper had no idea they would give him a better offer for christ sakes its probably his first ever contract so how is he to know they might give him a better one. At least he called up his broth...
the first lan they had as a team was like a week after they got the new players
Freak is quitting
well tough love if thats how it was. I thought the situation was that cooper refused and then changed his mind about the offer. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with changing your mind
Freak is quitting
it takes time for offers to go through dude it just happened that cooper changed his mind and he was in a team a that point. I bet Freak is just acting to make cooper feel guilty and stay in the team ...
Freak is quitting
didnt he say that Cooper changed his mind and called him up about it?
Freak is quitting
i do understand it lmfao. His brother changed the decision so i dont understand why that is such a big problem. he will probably still be with them for the rest of mdl season because relyks will finis...
Freak is quitting
thanks lol. i was thinking of putting Freak quitting Swole but i was like i can get more people here if i dont mention that
C9 EU ?
the french scene in 1 sentence
100thieves new team ideia v2
all of them have a dedicated awper so maybe if they didnt then they would improve like nip and liquid did :)