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Ryzen 3700 and micro-stuttering
Check your psu.
NordVPN hacked
Yes if u dont have to hide anything, u have nothing to fear.
How do I get a gf?
Kiss your buddy hard on bar and see how they come to you. Remember tongue. If thats not working, find some hot type "i just say hello and they come to my place" man and hang with him. On this thing u ...
Women CS
they have longer wires. Science proves.
INDIA FIRST WORLD its just culture, don't worry.
Is my female coworker into me?
If u are there only 3 weeks, u dont need to worry alot. Just do it.
"Bitch" in your language
Huara. Ämmä.
My GF is actually a model
Aaaand gf gone to jetset life with arabic princes.
AMD scam exposed
How is it scam to make people buy newer technology. If we think about intel and nvidia, its kinda wierd that they have every year somekind of slowing shithole(bug) on their tech which will slow them b...
Good Morning.
Now thats an achievement. Started wars around the world but not on your territory! NICE! U have killed more ppl than any other world, oh well we are overpopulated after all. U are telling everyone to ...
don't do drugs
Well, i have smoked about 20years cannabis. Not non stop, but lets say; very often. Key is not to raise your tolerance. Forget about morning hits, u will RUIN your life with them, sometimes they are g...
Why do you cheat?
Thats not excuse. You are pathetic loser who cannot accept defeat. Total idiot.
Lose 20kg in 2 months
Its possible, if u are really fat. just eat apple or 2 every two hours and 1-2 warm meals per day. Get job which is physical. Or just exercise 3 times a week about 1.5 hours per exercise.
G2 in the final
Redmachine is hard to stop, most players are hockeys s1mples. But still, hockey is teamgame. So, if all is done right, Finland will win 3-2.