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your political views
Very liberal socialist
Taxation is theft
Exactly, the UK is the perfect example of not only public services outdoing their private counterparts, but also privatisation fucking up public systems IE the railroads
Knifes in CS:GO
I think the amount of people buying cases hasnt scaled up with the increased player base, so more demand same amount of knives.
Rate french team
According to NeL, Nivera and Misutaaa are locked down by G2
Rate french team
DaivdP, Nivera, Misutaa, Devoduvek, ScreaM would be a far better squad imo
Will new dignitas be succesfull?
they'll be fine, probably remain top 20, not play many events and coast through
The Witcher question
paid for what?
The Witcher question
But since he's come out and said he's perfectly fine with the casting and that it fits his world. I think he has more of a say than you
What bad has trump done?
Stop being an antisemitic gimp, grow up
What bad has trump done?
Numerous sexual assault claims have been bought against him, he consistently degrades the world's view of America and the presidential status through his irresponsible use of social media. He has take...
Who was better in terms of achievements in 2017
OG Awper
his peak was 4 years ago, even then he was good, not incredible. He literally had 1 good event in the past 4 years
Random CS:GO Pro player facts!
wait is the Dosia one true? That's really funny if so
OG roster
Poizon is definitely more experienced and probably a better player atm, but I think Jamppi has a higher skill ceiling.