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Turks come here [HONEST QUESTION]
1- Because government already f*cking us everyday we do not need porn 2- Banned cuz government gives us fake infos instead wikipedia 3- I dont think so maybe east sides of turkey
Romania doesn't exist
LOL even they ruled england :D
Real Face from Attatürk
most badass people in history
Every nations has their own shame, in here we living in peace i have many armenian friends, is it matter government refusing or not ? We only living 70-80 years cant waste my time to hate people for t...
1. I read some non-turkish sources ( some American and some Russian ) some of them refusing genoicede and some of them admit it. 2. Me and many turks like me feels bad about Hrant Dink, hope one day ...
Russians/Ukrainians COME HERE
3th video explains why so many turkic people lives in russia
Russians/Ukrainians COME HERE
As a foreing in Ukraine, i can say Ukranian sound more european than Russian.
If that really happened im so sorry about that, but as i learn in school that never happend this is y still many armenians living in Turkey. Every story has 2 sides
You got me
Damn, kurds are not terrorists. In Turkey around 15 millions kurds living. We dont hate them or we dont fight them we living in a peace, there is more than that in Syria. LOL
Ban Turkey Free Chicken
your countrys achievements / innovations
lol good one
your countrys achievements / innovations
Best awper Simo Hayha ?
Worst pro from your country?