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Twistzz rn
Lol, hes not even close to naf
Ive never said that he shouldnt had been playing for NiP, talent in CS:GO was garbage back then since it was a new game. I just said he was bad :D I also didnt state that he wasnt a good teammate, all...
fifflaren Firstly, you can see that he was bad. Secondly, it is their first bad result, pretty weird that he retired after that and right before the Dreamhack major. Who would retire when ...
The key pieces of the 87-0 were GTR and f0rest, easily #1 and #2 players in the world, not a player who was just legit bad and people keep making excuses for him just because its NiP :D Pretty sure 90...
Yeah, thats right, but Fifflaren was just legit bad
Firstly, hes played 537 maps overall and 270 on LAN. And why would they kick him early on? They were the best team in the world, they usually had 2 best players in the world on their team for most of ...
Lol at all the people saying he was just a team player, guess those are the same people who bash Taco for his poor fragging. Fifflaren was just legit bad
James Harden going to get robbed of MVP again
Firstly, Westbrook didnt rob him. Secondly, the Bucks have the best record and were fucked without Giannis on the floor (same for Harden but people seem to miss this about Giannis). Lastly, you ignore...
Top 5 players at peek
device doesnt really have that high peak but hes been maintaining it for 3 to 4 years now. Also you miss prime shox, the guy would just deathmatch against any team
best swedish player?
Lol, do you seriously consider fucking HLTV ranking a proper one for this? :D If you really think that HLTVs ranking says who was Xth BEST player of a year then you should quit following its ranking. ...
best swedish player?
I like to waste my time on people in denial :D
best swedish player?
Lold, olof is not even close Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that one coldzera device s1mple GTR shox kennyS olofm NiKo GuardiaN Snax/f0rest Not exactly in order for the first 6 players but they ...
best swedish player?
You have literally no arguments for flusha being the Swedish (or even CS:GOs) goat since I can say why anyone above him is better
best swedish player?
flushas fanboys are even more deluded, hes not even top3 of all time in terms of Swedish players. GTR, olofm, f0rest, krimz (exactly in this order), that makes him 5th but stay in denial
-nuke +vertigo / -cache +cobble
Thats why they are 43-6 on inferno, 18-9 on mirage, 16-8 on overpass, 19-3 on dust2, 8-4 on train and 4-1 on cache in last 12 months (+ 26-0 on nuke during that time span) and their lowest win rate i...