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10/10 redhead
obviously, papa jovik doesn't put it in if shes a day older than 12 years
Your favourite neighbour
Mgk destroyed Eminem
yeah, obviously USA won it, when it came to take the credit for the work commies did
Faceit admins REFUSED to ban THIS
yeah, tbh i'd rather just play esea where I know what to expect from admins and the support system, faceit has trash reporting system - cant ban someone because hes trolling, the only thing I can do i...
Faceit admins REFUSED to ban THIS
cant post anything related with faceit support to the globaloffensive subreddit, I tried that when I was throwing shade at a female faceit admin that banned me because I apparently ghosted in the all ...
was 2.4k elo 10 days ago, tho hit a slump, now I got 1.9k
My life story.
fakeflagging attention seeker
My life story.
banned on faceit
happens to me constantly, you can always file an appeal, it can be at least reduced to a day or two, I always get those for a day or two, very annoying
Eminem vs MGK
no arguments
Eminem vs MGK
nas is also one of the raps best, do you think he's relevant? outkast are one of the raps best, do you think they're relevant? spastic retard with no arguments
Eminem vs MGK
no arguments, only crying and autism, kys
Eminem vs MGK
e.g if dr dre dropped a diss do you think he'd get 200k views in the first day, of course not, im not saying Eminem isn't one of the raps best, but he got bodied by mgk, stop sucking eminems dick