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Being under 160cm as a male is death sentence
Nice try normie baiter
Being under 160cm as a male is death sentence
Its greenland
Valiance +Nexa
other than flarich who's a russian which cs players does your country have? oh right, none, go back to your little hole you soviet little dog
Valiance +Nexa
all of them are good lol, they just need a good coach and they're gonna be top20 for sure, they're really good individually, they just need some structure, that's all
Valiance +Nexa
i talked with niko on twitter, he said he's gonna wank and cum in a little cup and send it to me so i can impregnate my mom and teach my now step brother to play and he'll be the next niko
Valiance +Nexa
nexa - entry impulse - awper tho this is one of the first international tournaments for impulse so he's lacking confidence, but the guy is insane i can tell you that, i'd get nexa when hunter gets rec...
Valiance +Nexa
not really, maybe neno due to his first name, but the rest are orthodox christians
Do you love any hltv user?
malala hltv's mighty vigilante
Being under 160cm as a male is death sentence
only 1/2 of his height counts due to him being a filthy jew
Being under 160cm as a male is death sentence
they have sam_A and some other decent players i think
0/8, nice try though
starting to hate salah
starting to hate people who praise allah and calling him the greta of all time, it's been a single season. The best in the world prove themselves every season. Clarification; I don't hate allah but I ...
Best team you can make with players from your country
fns igl over steel?
Valiance vs TyLoo
Inferno should be tight as well