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Liquid vs Natus Vincere
+1 one of liquids best strengths is going over demos and exploiting weaknesses while correcting their mistakes. Now they have experience against the new navi and more demos to watch and prep for 2-0 ...
Astralis vs Liquid
If liquid would knew it would be a Bo3 of inf, d2, ovp bo3 in the final. They would take that, it may be their best/only chance against ast
Mibr improving liquid never improving
So mibr takes 1 maps out of 4 at Blast Liquid takes 1 map out of 3 at major But mibr is better?? Lol Astralis is clear #1 in the world Liquid #2 Then mibr #3 Mibr vs liquid would be a great match b...
Liquid vs Luminosity
With lum locked in, i see tL winning 2-0. Steel is such a nice guys he'll hook up his old buddies
Liquid vs Ghost
TL Taco debut
Liquid vs Torqued
Ok series on lan at summit, should be closer with online torqued. Still 2-0 tL
Liquid vs Gambit
Ez for the real x-god zews
Liquid vs mousesports
#loungenation all day. But liquid have already won more events without jdm in only 1 event and are looking strong in their second
Liquid vs Cloud9
Team America vs Team America(s) Its USA vs both the North and the South!!
Cloud9 vs Liquid
Nice reddit link to show senerios for the remaining ECS NA season: credit: u/superandywaffle
OpTic vs Liquid
so thanks to the point system Gambit is above liquid with a 1-3 record and Liquid have a 2-1 record, including the head to head....
Envy vs Cloud9
they cant even finish top 6 in ESL pro league NA LOL TL starting a new category, not north or south but AMERICAS!