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Depre vs Turma do Pagode
you should Try the amazing pagode songs available in youtube and you would understand the magic and power of such quality Brazilian music.
I can fix any team.
Please, fix gambit
Jesus was muslim
You are wrong, she was forced marry at 6 years old. Loveable culture of child marriage.
Device > FalleN?
Fallen is in 6th place, but worry not my friends, BADFALLEN will be ranked in first! BadFallen > cold, niko, device and kennys together, that while playing blindfolded and only using touchpad in a old...
i came to this topic because i think turkmenistan is some kind of food. disappointed to know it is actually a country :(
m0e and betting scandal
Well someone has to say it! Moe is scum and his acctions are completly rogue, he stole from his viewers showing a reality that is not right on his stream, he helps his viewers become addicted to gambl...
top 5 teams of all time (CS:GO)
the real list 1. $2,595,358.87 108 Tournaments 2. SK Gaming $2,490,987.58 70 Tournaments 3. Fnatic $2,314,620.08 141 Tournaments 4. Astralis (Danish) $2,180,452.15 39 Tournaments 5. Team E...
Smart people pls help
you are looking for some specifics in physics ? try and search for articles about the thing that really turns you on in physics, keep in mind that some of the articles c...
800k Tornament qualify stage... Humm it actually pays more than Major so i think it is worth more than points...
not cheater but his skills drop like rock bottom when anyone is watching him, it is like the invisible man that can´t be invisible when there is someone watching him
Top 5 Awpers atm
1. Wardel 2. ptr 3. Alu 4. JDM 5. ZQK
BIG Disband
I don´t like a team, so disband them.... They deserve the spot, they studied the bug more than anyone else! Exploiting things is what all dominators do.
How to fix IMMORTALS
You drop a glass in the floor, how do you fix it? Simple, you don´t, you throw it away and get a new one. Bad players and bad managers make a bad combination. Now, to fix IMT they should wait for end ...