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ENCE Lucky
FaZe Refrezh
bugdet sweden talks shieet
FaZe Refrezh
hell no
mibr 5th is elige
actually fer's ex
your name?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!???!?!?!
is this the right argue to call against Ecolai "baitvice" Reedtz?
kenny, shox and bodyy
there's no team he won't destroy
kenny, shox and bodyy
i really hope that shox will die, bodyy will go to Vitality instead of RpK, and kennyS will go to 3DMAX or LDLC
Liquid stupid?
ya ne iz parashki, slava bogu esli bi tut CIS mojno bilo postavit, uje stoyalo bi stidno chto za fanata takih huesosov prinimayut srazu
Liquid stupid?
Na`Vi are already trash Togda huem podavis, ya ne znayu
Liquid stupid?
BIG and NRG are tier2 4 sure. So i'd call this tournament as a tier2. Liquid destroyed Na`Vi on previous EPL' finals and ELEAGUE Premier. That's definitely cool story to say that FaZe are winning Astr...
Liquid stupid?
"Blast is not tournament?" Blast is definitely not a tournament. What should i say if they're setting the finalists by the aim maps? "maybe because they're so bad, that they can't win astralis for one...
Liquid stupid?
The only reason Liquid are not in the final is that they were in semi-finals with the winner. Blast is not tournament. CS:GO Asia is t3. StarSeries is their home tournament where they won very hard ma...
Liquid stupid?
Liquid was amazing throughout whole year This lineup is 4 sure the best So many finals were lost only against Astralis
Liquid stupid?
Liquid was better whole year