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Russia after Putin
Doesn't matter who is the next president, we are enslaved by jewish deepstate. You won't find a single true Russian thing in our supermarkets, and even supermarkets are owned by jews and other non-rus...
How has Poland hurt you?
We should unite and form slav state for every slav to live good life
My father died
So i am trying to find a body and noone knows anything about it. Policeman in my local police point even said that he "doesn't know anything and never wanted to know", then i asked for a man who came ...
My father died
I don't feel anything about this so i have no emotions to share with them. I want to share it with people who has emotions and can care about his death instead of me. I just can't feel anything about ...
My father died
What makes you think that he died today? I never said it. I am rn on a quarantine and have no friends at all so who ese i can share this to?
My father died
It's not a psychological problems, you're becoming addicted to it physically. And even a drop of this shit transforms people into animals. He also quit it and lived a normal life? How about that? Tha...
My father died
Drinking and become animal living for a vodka is not worth it as i saw in my life.
My father died
My parents divorced then i was 8 and i didn't want to speak to him cuz of the fear that he left in us. We had to leave our house and live on a rent apartment because he was terrorising us if he was dr...
My father died
I don't know, i didn't speak to him for 12 years now and that was a shock news. Police told me this so i think they catch them already