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Maybe, But not because NaVI with device would beat Astralis with device. But only because Astralis without device would be dogshit.
mibr is back
They are back, at beating trash teams again, because they were not capable of beating top tier teams.
Mouz retards
really? And who was the one getting on the top of the scoreboard? If not ropz? Or Sunny? Look at how they performance has dropped after STYKO left. So what od oyu want to d owith Snax? Making him a st...
The leftists media is disgusting
Boys. If you dont know ANTIFA search it up. Wathc some videos on youtube. What is going on in USA is really terrible. ANTIFA- Anti Facist, they "fight facism" by destroying cars, buildings, etc..
Mouz retards
Dude. But they already have a star player. His name is ropz. You know him? They cant have all 5 players stars.
Trump supporters
Because they think, that it will not influent them in any bad way, which is not true.
Trump supporters
How can be so many that stupid and believe CNN. Their news about Trump are just trash. They always take only one sentence, which is out of context and build a story on it. So desperate. So sad. And th...
worse than what?
Best FaZe roster
ok joker
This is the work if the devil.
Hottest pro players
"This kind of thread hasnt been here for like two days. Oh i think all pro players changed dramatically, it is neccessary to create this thread once again."
Best FaZe roster
Guardian Niko Olofmeister Glaive some good rifler- ropz/sunny/idk
Best FaZe roster
simple second awp > simple main awp
Trump fans
Why do you think it is all because of Trump? You know that when he came ot office he inherited missions and everything else after the ex-president, right? And btw, you think that if there was any ot...
ex religion
It is true that people were killed in the past, who didnt want to convert to Catholicims. But they just misused the religion as a tool to get power. Catholicism is what i dont agree with. Everything i...