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Dosia ban
You have answered like 0 things which he said. Let me ask you: 1. Do you want to ban all words, which are offensive to any group of people? 2. Who is going to make the call and by what authority? 3. ...
Dosia ban
Well, that wont help, thats true, but np, you have good enough english
Dosia ban
so what, people use f*ck, s*hit, any other common word as an insult, are we going to ban them too?
Dosia ban
Because you are forbidding something, on the contrary is that you can say anything. Which one do you consider as a freedom? Lets just ban half of the vocabulary, people can still use the other half t...
Dosia ban
they are attacking the minority of russians, lets riot
Dosia ban
Rather than being polite to everyone, lets just offend everyone, thats much simpler
Dosia ban
mongoloid is just a normal word, even used in educational/scientifical literature
Dosia ban
Thats ok my friend, you are making more mistakes that just that
Dosia ban
sTUPID people
Why would some people consider that mandatory wearing masks is something wrong and its against freedom?
S1mple GOAT but
Why not?
Potter Casting
True, but it seems to me that other males are like beating her in the communication. But that is natural. Also man I dont like that guy who speaks as if he was sleeping. Slowly and just talking shit
Most religious country?
People who make these pools probably know the best :D And it works through statistics. On the contrary mate. Christians are being prosecuted and harrased in China. It is number 2 after North Korea, ...
nope, cause they are just cheating online
I am outside
saw you