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Whats the poin then? It is pointless if you dont live for a greater good, a greater idea, something.
Blast in Sri Lanka
ITs really interesting that 150 people get killed in Sri Lanka and nobody gives their picture on their facebook profile or anything special, but Notre Dame has burn, millionaires gives millions to rec...
r8 Indian Girl
What the hack my maan. I see this for the first time, but pretty simple, but pretty interesting. Math has its mistakes.
fucked up humanity!
Dude, you just showed that you know nothing about Africa. You think its that simple? There are plenty of organisations helping Africa, millions of dollars went into that continent and what have we ach...
Respect ZywOo
Lets do it, its gonna be a bestseller
best movie you ever watched
Catch me if you can recommended EDIT: True story and still good
LOLOLOL Tralalala Bobamaňal Asparstututut
r8 me
Who asked her to say that? Why are you asking only on him saving the cat and not questioning even the rating? Dude, you logic is somewhere in the sky, nobody can find it.
Respect ZywOo
So many +1s, but i bet most of them are disrespecting other players when trying to prove their point.
why is CSGO dying?
Its a normal thing. Nowdays kids dont grow up playing cs:go, but Fortnite, Apex, LOL and other shit. And people who played cs:go, just pass it, now they live a life and dont waste time playing/watchin...
But, why?
Fallen? What an actual f
What are you talking about? I just hope you are an Astralis fan, so dumb man. Astralis players have a real fishy moments and you show this? Shitshow. Astralis is suddenly loosing, and threads like:...
AdreN cheating
You must be kidding. Cry kid, without brain
Astralis logic
Dude, not everywhere cheat works...
Were you an accident?
xD i was an accident