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HLTV forum becoming like Reddit?
no u
Marvel, you did it
For those who've seen it already...Personally I loved it and hope ultron comes back like in the cartoon lol
EnVyUs vs Space Soldiers
Just disband Space Soldiers for the love of snackbar
FaZe vs Cloud9
hahaha whole cs major scene please disband now!
SK "tired" excuse
c9 bots never get tired lol
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
s1mple shit
SK vs fnatic
Lots of cartel murders in Brazil today after watching this match. CSGO is the only hope
C9 - G2 rigged
Major is the most important fixed tourney of the year
FaZe vs mousesports
Faze just shit on mouse mouth
AGO vs Spirit
HAHAHAH AGO need kesh
i literally want to die
Hobbies are fucking tough to start when in a deep state of depression, exercise works but even that is tougher than a hobby. Taking care of a pet, joining a support group or doing charity work where ...
QBF are just like VEGA, beneficiaries of thrown games and stat padding. The don't belong in Major at all.
mousesports vs Space Soldiers
SS need an above average designated awper and less AK fraggers They seem to have a hard time vs teams which have awpers in certain maps but can't return the favor. If Xantares, Calyx or Paz just move...
Space Soldiers vs Gambit
more kebabs in SS pocket after this major vs Cloud9
They probably have a very good plan, which is to disband and retire rich after with bets on c9 and every other team the play against in the Major lol