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US corona cure
yeah, we actually have a healthcare system that works to look after its citizens unlike America.
God angry with us
evolution has been proven, so its not an opinion, its a fact. /closed
usa leftists
mate you do realise, america provoked 2 world wars, then played isolationist and showed up late to the party BOTH TIMES. Your foreign policy is basically to do whatever the fuck you want to whoever yo...
Australia rekt for good?
it really is, and whats worse is that the government is actively trying to spin the narrative to help push their climate change denying bullshit WHILE its happening
Australia rekt for good?
people volunteering know they wont be on a firefront atleast this fire season, but surely they would need more support staff, helping evacuee's , helping ferry fire fighters to and from areas, helping...
Australia rekt for good?
sorry, our prime minister was on holidays when the fires couldve had a chance to be contained, shit got out of hand with a BBC news bulletin and the bad publicity forced him to cut his family holiday ...
Australia rekt for good?
theyre turning away people who want to volunteer
I r8 your favourite metal band
3/0 dreamtheater. you're opinion is irrelevant now
Defend Trump?
and what about clinton then? as if she was a better choice
Defend Trump?
https://skepticalscience.com/ wrong about climate change idiot. thats a 1 stop link for debunking all your stupidity
G2 vs Evil Geniuses
nice asian teams
OH FUCK this is going trigger me
literally anything > rap music
rush b don't stop.