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Alekisb 1.03 rating
ZywOo vs S1mple and (2018?) Device vs S1mple fans. It was disaster between the fans
Alekisb 1.03 rating
Still it is extreme if the hate affects on someones health, like on xseven´s and aerial´s situation. Hating on things which weren´t able to fix by other ways.
Alekisb 1.03 rating
I mean the ones who cant get over about AleksiB replacement. They doesnt even show any emphaty for example to xseven or Aerial who have taken medical leave, one of the reasons is because the shitstorm...
Alekisb 1.03 rating
He is one on the most respectable players, but his fans arent.
Is CS going to die?
When LANs come back, pro scene is going to rise again. Online esports is always quite coinflip as we have seen from many qualifiers that some almost nonamers are getting into the whole tourney and the...
Is CS going to die?
Maybe in non prime matches, but legit last time when I have seen suspicious one was somewhere 2017-2018. Overall 2000+ mm matches from 2014.
6th man team pages
+1 and also add smaller section there which shows the next game for each player, if they are determined earlier.
Plot twist
Only about 15 minutes. Didnt check the mistakes on english grammar so quite small amount compared to it. And having no other life than being on HLTV, doesnt matter anyways.
EG is in Europe atleast at the moment, MIBR, Liquid (and Furia?) too
Furia most likely atleast at top 6, but MIBR is not definitely going to let EG to exit alone as a NA team. Thought that EG would´ve put atleast a little more competition. Waiting for Furia, can they ...
EG real rank? 10? 15?
Astralis/TSM, G2/Envyus, Faze, Fnatic atleast for EU teams. (atleast 35 big events together, 7/11 majors to EU) and those were only from events from beginning of 2015 Liquid five events within three ...
EG real rank? 10? 15?
NA fluke year 2019 just check EU in 2013-2019 😎 axaxaxaxa this is better one, just corrected it for you