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ENCE vs Valiance
Online so I'll say Valiance.
eUnited vs Liquid
If zews is playing Liquid will lose.
TOP 10 teams
We`ll see on Epicenter that CAN Ence compete against T1 teams (expect Mousesports).
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
Sunny needs to step up now.
What languages do you speak?
Finnish, English, Swedish (but only few things, motivation was gone after few swedish lessons. Was learning swedish for 4 years and I can understand few things but cant speak and type it.)
Ukraine one major Finland zero
North vs LDLC
When LDLC have even played Mirage against T1/T2 team?
genuine Faze fan
FaZe vs fnatic
Yesterday 16-14 as Fnatic had Scream. I´ll prob lose my bet but I bet on Fnatic now, cause they have full swedish lineup.
MM officially dead?
Add more maps and enable Prime if you havent so match will be found in under 2 mins
genuine Faze fan
Sunny have a active contract with mouz atm
Top awpers atm?
-Allu -Top 15 awpers Pick one. His games depends alot by the maps, was looking old OpTic´s games, and Allu was good on Train, but shit on Mirage etc.
Official HLTV IQ test
- your age 16 - fav team EZ4EN... I mean Mousesports - your occupation dual qualification - your fav music artist/band Prob Imagine Dragons - your physical state I dont know what it means but I have t...
Sunny to FaZe
Lowest rated after Karrigan
Finnish Marcus and Martinus...