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sh1ro awarded first MVP title of the year
farming tier 2 teams starts
8 cis players in top 10
Best player of 2021 to be unveiled during first-ever HLTV Award Show
1WIN flamie
he was good in 17/18 aswell
Inferno Smokes
big if true we can try during weekend
Inferno Smokes
you didn't play cs for one year lol, obv u got boosted and now u don't even run cs so you can brag about your big (lvl 10) dick size on hltv
Inferno Smokes
lem in 2014 is silver after rank update soo
Top 10 teams of 2021
Vp most undeserving top placement this year. They basically got to top 3 for free. Their only good run was kato. Besides that only mediocre results or 1 tournament win against dead or t2 teams
Top 10 teams of 2021
blast seasons are basically one big event split. Groupstage followed playoffs later in the season
Top 10 teams of 2021
nip lowkey prepares a football team
did you ever cheat?
used to play css with wh
they have 3 players that do that on their team, boom igl, perfecto and electronic helping out with the small calls
device remains sidelined for BLAST World Final
In the title ?? "wasn’t due to his injuries", official version at the time was that he was still recovering. + s1mple's qoute "The most funny thing that he lied to team for 1 year and he still doing ...
device remains sidelined for BLAST World Final
device remains sidelined for BLAST World Final
Ok my bad, at the major he had some elbow injury that resulted him playing with a high sens, but after the major he faked his injury and missed a couple of bootcams. And this you can google by urself