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I love Cloud9 and Liquid

gla1ve, autimatic & nitr0 are my favorite players


Last Updated: 23 July 2018
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C9 3-0
they have a 9 in their name so theyre gonna go 9-0
Stop Hating refrezh
+1 wish acilion could get a chance to IGL this team Edit: or maybe they could buyout karrigan. Optic is a big org so they could do it.
Democrats braindead 0iq
lmao republicans are assholes looking to steal money from the government. they want to make the government completely top heavy. They want all the money to be at the top. republicans are the end of am...
+1 aizy is the worst pro ever.
North New Team
niko sucks just like jugi. they need more practice before they play in a top 5 team.
Best ROCK bands?
Yeah a lot of good rock bands out now. Although there are a bunch that are shit. Its nice to see that rock is still alive.
Best RAP/HIP HOP songs?
Some of my favorite rap songs/artists Norf Norf- Vince Staples I Love - Joyner Lucas Freaks and Geeks - Childish Gambino SUMO | ZUMO - Denzel Curry All Night - Big Boi
Best ROCK bands?
love all of those other than bon jovi. he is terrible lmao
Best ROCK bands?
+1 arctic monkeys are amazing. I put more modern rock bands at #47 if you wanted to try some of those.
Best ROCK bands?
Hey I love classic rock and a lot of people have been putting that so here are some newer, more modern rock bands: Nothing but Thieves (some songs i love: Amsterdam, Drawing Pins, Sorry) Rival Sons (s...
when is the player rankings comming out??
January 1 to January 15
Top 20 CS:GO lineups of all time
lmao this ranking is absolute shit /close
FaZe new fifth
NiKo as IGL is kind of like shox as IGL. Neither should be IGL, they dont have any tier 1 strats. They definitely need an IGL that can utilize their firepower like MSL, ANGE1, or someone new like how ...
-karrigan +shox
+1 stupid af. shox sucks as IGL. He can't even frag most of the time now.
ez for amanek and co