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EC Kyiv vs okura
Still fixed
VP.Prodigy vs fnatic Rising
Welcome to the academy team league where a team with a 1.37x pre game throws a 15-9
mouz NXT vs FURIA Academy
If mouse went from being up 15-4 to losing my bet on them -5.5 I would have been pissed
FURIA Academy vs Astralis Talent
i got free vp 3.75x + navi 1.52x in a combo. and had navi and astralis in another combo. free money dont bet on any game under a 1.4x in this tournament
FURIA Academy vs Astralis Talent
Thank you asstralis no talent for free money
FURIA Academy vs Astralis Talent
Fuck yeah bro. I placed all my bets the day before so I didn't know they where going to have a stand in today. Probably would have gotten better odds. Also vp was free cash
FURIA Academy vs Astralis Talent
If astralis no talent win this game. I turned $300 into $1200 from the first 3 games of this shit league today
FURIA Academy vs Astralis Talent
When the stand in is better then the player he replaced
BIG Academy vs NAVI Junior
Bet navi hoping they don't throw. Rip me
Young Ninjas vs VP.Prodigy
Nice flair. How much you lose on your safe 1.25x
Young Ninjas vs VP.Prodigy
I'm not too scared. I just hope they don't throw like last time. If there is any game today where favored team should win for today. Its navi imo
Young Ninjas vs VP.Prodigy
I'll take my free 3.75x thank you very much
Young Ninjas vs VP.Prodigy
+1 I got my free 3.75x. But I do think navi will win today. But astralis 2.2 looking juicy vs furia
Young Ninjas vs VP.Prodigy
If you bet on any game in this tournament at under a 1.4x. You deserve to lose your money
Young Ninjas vs VP.Prodigy
Thank you scam tournament for free 3.75x on vp!!!!