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Why Italy don't have good players?
His father is in the mafia, that explains his behaviour
Coldzera is the best counter strike player of all time
Flusha greatest cheater of all time, he'll take that one easily.
Glock 18 | Twilight Galaxy Giveaway
I hate people. prove me wrong
Satanic modern culture does that to you
finished my service in the army AMA
What a dick move
Why SK is so bad now?
Metagame shifted on how some maps were played. Also everyone knows the patterns of SK players because every single team watched their demos to learn how to get gud, so their old system was very predic...
ugly girls want me :(
Start off with the ugly ones to get a confidence boost. Don't worry, soon all the beautiful ones will be around you
Met Fallen
You would be a really ugly grill tho
Met Fallen
I was seriously in doubt as well
Shox's French Team to SK?
NTC was in Cologne for a few weeks. This means they're probably going to SK
Stewie2k in your language?
Most difficult site to defend?
cache A and cobble B and the trickiest for me
s1mple no impact in final
He doesn't. They have a contract and he is getting paid, so w/e.
NaVi didn't want to sell s1mple. But if an org pays X times the player's salary they have to sell them anyways. So Navi threatened s1mple saying that he'd only leave alongside flamie and then they sho...
Why poland shit???
People hate them coz they don't fit into EU degeneracy. how dare they?