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No joke it's dying
probably epic will follow the route that most recent developers have taken and heavily restrict their own game. pubg h1 and overwatch were all restricted to hell so no one even had the option to do 3r...
just needs some more time danmark vinder
asstralis vs liquid
danmark vinder
why u are single?
everyone thinks i'm a lesbian also fat
Ninja 130k viewers?
streaming with drake gave him a bit of a viewership bump.
North vs Kinguin
danmark vinder
IEM Sydney time!?!?
depends on your goal since china is a separate viewership market. if you need stats for twitch you can't get them with chinese viewers, so it makes the most sense to capitalize on eu and na as they ma...
I have a question
picked up a friend from the airport played videogames ate taco bell
Brazilian and danes come here
danes are the best.
I’m a rare born
i don't care who wins as long as it's not NA god bless
epsorts games
team fortress 2
just let esports be esports. we don't need to pretend we're anything else. it's a pretty incredible thing, and it should be left to grow organically for best results.
it's impossible to tell what cheating is in a game with characters designed for my mom's cat to become GM
Yes im girl
d*ck size
everyone should appreciate their dicks no matter the size. it belongs to you and it's your job to make sure it gets as much love and attention as possible.