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Vitality vs GamerLegion
shouldn´t be not so ez for vitality,because of mastermind tactician Ex6TenZ
I’m at the gym rn
HAHAHA EXPLOSIVE REPS HAHAHA, I bet you dont even have chest muscles. Fuck cardio lol, i never do cardio. Just intermitent fasting 48hs and i am shredded as fuck. Fuck cardio fuck legs fuck bitches ge...
W7M vs Isurus
LUlsurus retarded team, only decent player is meyern.
Grenades binds
Flash v Smoke x He 4 Molotov T Decoy z
there is no cure for it, can get better but is not curable
i r8 your mouse
G403 (logitech)
Isurus vs INTZ
Isurus so bad lol why dont shoot that smoke, retarded way to lose the map
The Wire fans come here
yes i mistake the name because in spanish the show is called "two meters under".the finale was amazing.
The Wire fans come here
I put Two feet under in the same level as the wire
The Wire fans come here
Lol, the wire is like a good wine, i think you confused the wire whit got.
fit guys come here
i´m not very experienced but i noticed incline dumbbell presses translate to more strenght to other presses movements, especially flat bench, also adds that upper chest aesthetic look. I definitely w...
r8 grill
long nice legs 8.5/10 face without makeup 6/10 with makeup 7.5/10 ass small but nice (maybe placebo because of legs) 7/10 nice eyes 8/10 cant really apreciate boobs in the pictures but ma...
Stfu henry
facts? dictionary for the man please
Liquid vs FaZe
but i dont think english was the problem, he was just looking the radar, i watched neo in one interview and he has very fluent english
Liquid vs FaZe
yes this has to be, i don't think his reactions are this bad