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ZywOo ACE machine
thats the reason why he has most opening kills of all players 2 yrs in a row ? nice men
beating top2 team twice... that means big is top1
yeah top2 team in ranking is tier 2 ok men
and now ?
2020 big event ratings
yeah thats right...but csgo issnt a 1v1 game its a team game and if a team issnt performing well all 5 players and coach has to think about it... in 1v1 yeah simple is the best atm thats clear but u c...
2020 big event ratings
in football we say... good players scores players wins titels /close
should simple go to mousesports
"Wtf you are talking?" XD thjat was ur question... and i give ur an answer
ESL Rankings
only the top 2 eu teams get invite thats heroic and astralis atm... think thats pretty fine
should simple go to mousesports
Zywoo never buy awp and play hero awp... simple does it very very often . How often all navi players make eco but simple buy scout or smth and after that round every navi player has ak and simple agai...
Help with skins
battle scared
Niko Deserves Success
I like a player because I like him as a person... I hate simple bcase he's a toxic mother... But yeah he's the most skilled player
yeah Which team had the highest peak at any T1 tournament with at least 4 T1 teams? Astralis major 2019.... every single map won against the best teams of the world 2. astralis major 2018 3. astral...
still astralis 9-0 maps in a major 2019---- 10-1 in major 2018 10-1 in major 2020
Laliga 20/11/2020
Halftime x fulltime osasuna q6.5 ?